Hourglass Veil™ Soft Focus Setting Spray Review

by bluebirdloves

Oh my goodness! I am really happy to try this because I like hourglasses very much. This is such a beautiful brand, I just like their view of the skin. This is the newly launched Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray.

I like that this gives my skin a very beautiful dew and glow, I have to say this is something I didn’t expect. With the name “soft focus”, I am worried that it will be a bit matte to me, but everything is fine! It makes my skin look fuzzy and smooth. I spent a day testing this and it kept my foundation very good and the glow remained the same.

The fog is one of the best, softest and most beautiful fog I have seen in the market. It is like a soft and fluffy cloud, which will not leave any traces of water droplets on your face. The mist is not continuous, you have to press the nozzle multiple times to get the desired amount of product. I personally prefer this type of mist, I think continuous spraying may make me overuse and waste the product. The packaging is beautiful matte white, but I prefer regular fine spray bottles to aerosol cans.

, It does not have any matte properties, I am very satisfied with it because I don’t like matte. If you are greasy and want to try to stop it, I am not sure if this mist is right for you. It does leave a noticeable “skin care” stickiness on the skin that you may not like. I find this finish helps to lock in moisture and make my skin look and feel juicy.

If you like and use a highlighter and really want to make it popular, then you will love this setting spray.




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