Hourglass Veil™ Mineral Primer Review

by bluebirdloves

Actually, I think it is not easy to apply Hourglass’ Mineral Primer. Silicone formulations can cause serious damage to the water-based or oil-based formulations you use below.

When I first applied it on my face, I mixed foundation on top of it and realized that it glides easily like an Olympic skater. The result got better because once I finished my full face and set it up, I looked different. You will only get this difference if a professional puts on makeup for you or has a complete lighting system for selfies. I was fascinated.

Apply facial primer before applying foundation. It helps to smooth and even your skin, make the foundation smoother and last longer. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, and prevent makeup from settling in these areas.

The product definitely lives up to the hype. It can smooth the skin and fill the fine line area. I noticed that less foundation is required when using this primer. My foundation has developed more smoothly and quickly. Throughout the day, I noticed that my makeup doesn’t have that many lines around my forehead and eyes. I also feel that my makeup still looks fresh at the end of the day.

Have you tried the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer? What are your thoughts on this?


  • $20.00/8.95ml
  • $54.00/30ml
  • $75.00/60ml


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