Hourglass Veil™ Eye Primer Review

by bluebirdloves

This silky, blendable primer enhances your eyeshadow color and its staying power.

The texture is very spreadable and soft. It’s the perfect consistency, not thick or watery, and dries to the point that your eyeshadows stick but don’t dilute their pigments at all.

Beautifully packaged and needs no improvement. Very easy to apply. I do wish the formula was a bit creamier so that it spreads more easily on the lids and is denser.

Sometimes it gets a little messy and leaves a slight white cast in some areas if I accidentally apply with heavier hands.

I love this product! I have tried many eye primers. I do have oily eyelids. If you are dry, then you may need a product that smoothes and moisturizes.

This product from Hourglass is fantastic! It says it lasts up to 24 hours, I never wear makeup for long enough, but I can say that I do almost 16 hours of eyeshadow with this primer and my eyeshadow still looks exactly the same as when I applied it.

I have super oily eyelids and this also did not apply all day or make my lids oily again like other eye primers. It does keep my eyelids in good shape.

Overall, Holy Grail status. I love this stuff.

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