Hourglass Vanish™ Flash Highlighting Stick Review

by bluebirdloves

I am very happy to have access to this new stick highlighter from Hourglass. Not only because I am addicted to highlighters, but also because I really like the Vanish foundation stick on which this new product is based. Check out the very beautiful Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick series.

The texture is sacred. It really blends into the skin and blends easily, giving the skin the most beautiful diffuse glow and minimizing blemishes. I found the skin perfection element so impressive because I even used it on bare skin and it looked absolutely gorgeous.

Once applied, the cream will definitely settle over time and I never let it move on me. The best part is that this highlighter does not add or emphasize any extra texture. It does make your skin glow, instead of sitting on your skin and making you glow. It blends into your skin completely. Another surprise is that these highlighters are very long lasting. I haven’t experienced any fading all day long!

Unless I perfect my foundation first, I would never think of using a highlighter, but I can do it. My favorites are golden glitter, champagne glitter and rose gold glitter.

Overall, I totally think these highlighters are worth the money. I am usually not a luxury person, but I am very fascinated by them. When I wear them, I always get a lot of compliments.




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