Hourglass Scattered Light™ Glitter Eyeshadow Review

by bluebirdloves

The absolutely amazing Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow series launched last year, I like them very much!

And I like the idea of using only one color. Using these small jars, you can get the most beautiful color and shimmer in a second, and the surface treatment is very flattering.

I like each of these shades and what is really exciting is that they are very different. In addition, they are great for applying with fingers, so no one needs to be good at eyeshadow!

It is a mixed cream formula, but it does feel like the product is squeezed. The size is small and a bit disturbing at first. However, this is a glitter product, so you will not use it every day or often.

You will use it as an accent or superimpose it on your eyeshadow. But if you like adventure, you will use it alone like me.

Tinted, lasts all day, and reflective! They remind me of colourpop’s super shocking shadows, but they contain more basic pigments and are more reflective! !

If you have access to these shimmering shadows, I highly recommend!



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