Hourglass Nº 28™ Lip Treatment Oil Review

by bluebirdloves

I love this product! ! Hourglass Nº 28™ Lip Treatment Oil

I have tried Clear and Bare (the ones I wear in the photo) colors and I am fascinated. The nude color has a slight “crayon-like” smell, which is obviously messier than the transparent one, but I don’t mind! It is the perfect color to create a “natural” look. This oil is thick and luxurious and the golden applicator feels great. It is shiny like a gloss, but will slowly absorb into your lips, making them look so hydrated and plump.

Its moisturizing effect is long-lasting, and because it is not waxy, there will be no residue that can wipe off your lips in the morning. I often feel that I can wear lipstick after I wake up because my lips are very smooth. Use it regularly (and use a lip scrub as needed), and your lips will be in their best condition.

I really like this product. During the winter months, it is moisturizing and soothing. This is a thick oily consistency, and it does not irritate my eczema that occasionally occurs in winter. I also like the uniqueness of the container. This is a good product, but the price is too high. I really like its texture, it’s easy to hydrate, and it doesn’t make my lips sticky.

This is very good. Very soothing and very useful. This is a good packaging project, there is no need to improve this product. I like it so much. It is very colored, I like it, it is great, I like it. It is amazing to me.



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