Hourglass Confession™ Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick Review

by bluebirdloves

It is always interesting when something different appears, and the range is definitely a little different. If you like a bit of gorgeous luxury in your beauty library, you will like these. They are like modern lipsticks, equivalent to the gorgeous cigarette holders flaunted by old Hollywood stars.

But soon everything became meaningful. You will basically buy a full lipstick in the color of your choice, in a beautiful slender golden packaging. For me, the formula of the lipstick itself is nothing proprietary or amazing. The uniqueness of the hourglass confession lipstick is its packaging. It is stylish and sophisticated, but besides that, it can be refilled. This is not the first of its kind, but it is not very common.

They are creamy, opaque, smooth, incredibly long-lasting, they do not feather, they do not dry out the lips and there is no noticeable smell. When you hold them, the slim packaging has a good weight in the hand-actually much better than I expected.

I like the charm of the applicator. I am so ostentatious when it comes to makeup, so it is pure joy to take this beauty out of my handbag! I think nude colors will get the most use because I am obsessed with nude lipsticks now. But if I like something bold, I will choose I

I like the idea that you can buy your shades again without having to invest in the packaging multiple times. I also like that you can change them every day if you like to wear different shades.




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