Hourglass Arch™ Brow Sculpting Pencil Review

by bluebirdloves

I am very picky about my eyebrows and eyebrow products. Blame it for insecurity! I am born with thin and sparse eyebrows, no arches, and worse, the end of my eyebrows is almost non-existent!

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil combines the characteristics of powder (pigmentation), wax (gloss retention) and pencil (easy to use)-all of these characteristics are rolled into a luxurious looking eyebrow pencil. It is a twisted double-ended pencil (no need to be sharpened), housed in Hourglass’s signature dark metal bronze packaging, and all letters are printed with contrasting gold. One end is the actual pencil (the longer cap side), and the other end is the spool (the shorter cap side).

The first thing I noticed about these pencils is the unique triangular tip, which I have never seen before. This shape is perfect for sculpting with a wide stroke on one end and drawing individual hair on the other end to create a very natural look.

One is for the precise triangular tip, and the other is a brush for softening the lines you create with the tip. I find that these are very easy to control during application, and it is difficult to overuse them in color. I have never used this eyebrow before, it is a super soft and natural look, but still precise. I can get the definition of pencil, the fullness of powder and the staying power of wax.

Have you tried anything with an hourglass? What eyebrow products do you use?




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