Hourglass Ambient™ Powder Brush Review

by bluebirdloves

The Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush is a brush that retails for $35.00.

The bristles are taklon (synthetic) which makes them very soft to the skin. Although I prefer to use animal hair brushes, I must say that I have come to appreciate the new synthetic bristles that are appearing now.

The brush itself is fun. It has fairly long, very dense bristles on a flat, wide brush head. The handle is short, giving you plenty of room to grip it and giving you more control over the brush.

You might not be used to brushes without handles, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time—it’s easy to hold.

I found that although it’s very dense, it actually spreads the powder onto the skin very well, so you don’t actually get streaks on your face.

If you do, you can easily wipe it off because it’s so soft, it doesn’t feel itchy and doesn’t hurt your skin.

When I washed this brush, the bristles were easy to clean, although it did have a tendency to want to slide between my fingers due to the short handle.

This is a very worthwhile purchase and I highly recommend it!

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