Hourglass Ambient™ Lighting Palette Review

by bluebirdloves

Every year, Hourglass Ambient Holiday Palettes are highly anticipated and coveted. Although they are usually not the best value for the quantity of the product, they usually contain limited edition environmental powders that make fans fall in love with it. When it comes to the 2020 hourglass holiday palette, I am no exception.

This palette contains six different powders, designed to create a complete complexion look. The three shades are brand new and exclusive to this holiday palette, just like the tradition of the limited edition palette.

This is such a beautiful formula. It is smooth, soft and velvety, but it still gives the skin the most charming glow. The texture is easy to pick up on the brush-I used an hourglass veil powder brush* and the application is effortless. The luminescence is instant and easy to build, so you can choose a higher intensity according to your needs. It is very delicate and does not emphasize skin texture.

The powder provides multi-dimensional luminescence for every skin tone, making it look softer and illuminate from within. Retouching powders can enhance the skin under any type of light, including flash photography. The compact is a metal-looking plastic case-as smooth and shiny as a new toy. It is very light because it is plastic. It’s almost a fingerprint magnet-it’s very exciting.

All in all, these powders have left a very deep impression on me, I like their quality, the smoothness they bring to the skin and how they really set your makeup.




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