Hourglass Ambient™ Lighting Edit – Sculpture Review

by bluebirdloves

I am very excited about Hourglass’s annual limited edition palette, this one is very exciting! It looks absolutely gorgeous! !

Each powder is handmade using advanced mixing techniques. This means that each palette is unique.

All Ambient Powders are silky smooth with a soft glow effect. The facial powder is very transparent, while the other key powders have soft and spreadable pigments. These powders can slip onto the skin effortlessly and become a seamless part of the skin. The soft glow does not accentuate the pores or textures on the skin. It actually helps blur and perfect any blemishes and textures on the skin.

These powders will not make your skin look dry, thick or clumpy. They are the few powders that I still use in my daily life. They are also suitable for oily skin types because these powders are very suitable for the skin and will only add a soft glow without emphasizing the oils on the skin.

It works well for me, the tone is very vivid, and the formula is great! I highly recommend this palette.



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