Hourglass Ambient™ Lighting Blush Review

by bluebirdloves

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush is the item I want to introduce to you today.

I initially thought it might look or feel cheap, but it turns out that it is not. It doesn’t look as luxurious as other Hourglass products, I admit that, but as the name implies, it is not vain.

There is a series of bright and warm colors in the palette. You can use them individually (if your blush brush is suitable), or you can mix them according to my preference. This is easier.

Look at the gorgeous packaging and the beautiful marbling of cheek colors that blend with the powder tones of ambient lighting! The pattern on each blush is unique; therefore, due to the use of miscellaneous techniques, no two are the same. That is compact luxury!

The blush color is very flattering on most skin tones, the texture is light, transparent, but tinted. The brushes are easy to color, they blend into the skin easily and beautifully, providing a charming look from the inside out. If you can catch it and like to blush,

All these blushes are smooth, silky, finely milled and easy to blend.

In terms of pigments, all colors are real when used on hands or cheeks. The color choice is very natural, and I personally believe that people will never blush because of these.

I would say, buy it. It’s expensive, but it’s worth the money you paid for it.




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