Hourglass 1.5MM™ Mechanical Gel Eyeliner Review

by bluebirdloves

Hourglass 1.5MM™ Mechanical Gel Eyeliner is described as “super black”. It is a deep black with neutral undertones and semi-matte finish.

The formula should be waterproof, long-lasting, non-transferring and colored. The consistency is creamy and not too wet, but it can glide smoothly and evenly without pulling the lash line or skin. It is very thin, so you can get a very precise lining from it, which is very useful for tight-fitting linings. It is translucent in one line, and can be constructed as a completely opaque color in two layers.

Glides so smoothly. The tip is very thin, and sometimes I can make a winged pad. It’s amazing, but it’s done very quickly. I use this eyeliner once a week. I think it’s best at being very precise-it’s much thinner than other eyeliners I have, so you can really pinch the eyelashes for a thicker effect, If you need a thicker eyelash line.

The best eyeliner ever, this is a very good point when I want to do a daily look along the lash line. I like it so much. Lasts all day and never gets dirty. It is a beautiful color, and it brightens my eyes every time.

Have you used it? I recommend you to try it!




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